gaokao reading exercise 13


People who show confidence really seem to have it made. They seize more rewarding careers, keep good relationships, and just seem to do everything with more styles than the rest of us.

So what is the secret? There isn’t one. Self-confidence is a skill and habit that anyone can learn to develop. And although people who are raised in an encouraging environment with confident role models have a hard start in self-confidence development, we all can learn to become more confident at any age.

Try these simple tips for practising and increasing your self-confidence levels:

Dare to fail. Anybody who’s out there bravely performing is going to fail repeatedly. If you are not failing, you are not trying. So don’t take failure too hard or too personally. Just learn to deal with it and use its lessons to keep improving.

When in doubt, pretend you know what you are doing. Because, if you are confident of your abilities, by the time you have done it, you will be experienced.

Dress for success. You don’t have to be beautiful to be confident. Make the most of your own unique physical characters and weaken your disadvantages.

Listen to yourself. You are the only person who knows what’s right for you. Don’t put others’ opinions above your own inner voice.

Build a confident vocabulary. Stop putting yourself down and give up continually blaming your tiny weaknesses. Learn to show up your strong points and the world will learn to see and celebrate them with you.

Pass on the praise. Praise others for their virtues and strengths. This practice will not decrease your confidence, but help increase it.


1.The passage is written mainly __________.
A. to explain the definition of self-confidence   
B. to explain the secret of self-confidence
C. to tell people how important self-confidence is
D. to tell people how to build self-confidence
2.The main idea of the sixth paragraph is __________.
A. to be confident means to have no disadvantages
B. taking full advantage of your physical characters will help you be confident
C. your unique characters will help you be confident and be successful
D. to be confident means to be beautiful
3.All the following are tips to increase your self-confidence level EXCEPT______.
A. not to be afraid of failure                   B. dress yourself properly
C. pretend to know everything              D. make your advantages more obvious
4._______ will weaken your self-confidence.
A. Praising others for their strong points                
B. Always following others’ advice to do things
C. Giving up blaming your weaknesses     
D. Believing in yourself