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How to use Eng90 service?

Wechat session

wechat service = daily wechat session + weekend mini story

Daily Wechat session

For people can chat mulitple times every day (Monday to Thursday)

致那些一天可以和导师互动多次的客户 (周一至周四)

  1. Coach reads and sends your today's words through wechat at the morning 
  2. You can listen to coach or log in your account to learn the words (from 4 levels, the structure (how to write the words), the sounds (how to say the word), the meaning (how to use the words) and the personal connection (personal feeling, images or experience). you explain back the words to your coach or connect with the words you know(see example 1). 
  3. Coach corrects your mistakes and send you yesterday's words
  4. You go to your account to choose yesterday then "explain(解析)" button, mark the words you know, for the words you know please make sentencs.
  5. Coach corrects your mistakes
  6. before sleep, you recall the words you learn today and go to daily learning section, listen to today's words again

  1. 导师微信上发给你当天的新单词和读音
  2. 你可跟导师读或到网站学习(了解),然后用英语解析新的单词发回导师。(这个有四个层次,单词的结构(怎么写这个单词) ,声音(这个词怎样发音) ,单词的意思(如何使用这个单词)和个人关系(个人感觉,图像或经验联系起来记单词) 。然后解释的这个单词给你你的导师或用你知道的英语单词来解释这个单词(见例1) 。
  3. 导师纠正你的发音和其他错误, 导师发给你昨天的单词
  4. 你到网站把昨天的单词标记会还是不会,点击(解析单词的按键)(了解), 会的单词造句发回给导师.
  5. 导师纠正你的发音和其他错误
  6. 觉前回想当天的新单词,听一遍
  7. 每周或者隔段时间就会有附加学习资料发给你(音标,语法,语音语速,时态,幽默题材,小故事等资料)

Depends on your situation and schedule, coach also would send you other study material at extra study link(附加学习) on Monday for pronunciation, weekend mini story to help you improve your listening and speaking.  

根据于您的学习情况和进度,导师也给你其他的学习材料,在周一额外学习链接(附加学习)的发音练习,周末小故事,以帮助你提高你的听力和口语。 < / P>

science behind the design

science behind the design

Each step is designed based on cognitive science and helps you to master English the most effective way (see science behind), Cambridge English Language Assessment said that each level is reached with the following guided learning hours: A2(European language framework), 180–200; B1, 350–400; B2, 500–600; C1, 700–800, and C2, 1,000–1,200. Using mayflower English method, most people just need 100 hours get to A2, 250 hours get to B1 and 300 hours get to B2. so far we haven't had C1 data yet. if you are busy, you can choose our simplified method, see below.  

example 1: word: father, you can explain: "father is my mother's husband." or connect with words: man, male, adult, older, etc...

每个步骤都是基于认知科学的设计,并帮助您掌握英语最有效的学习方法 , 剑桥英语语言评估表明,每个级别达到与下面的英语水平阶段需要的学习时间: A2 (欧洲语言框架) , 180-200(小时) ; B1 , 350-400(小时) ; B2 , 500-600(小时) ; C1, 700-800(小时) ,和C2 , 1000-1200(小时) 。使用五月花英语的方法,大多数人只需要100小时到A2 , 250小时到达B1和300小时到达B2 。到目前为止,我们还没有C1数据呢。如果你很忙,你可以选择我们的简化方法,请参阅下文。

例1: 单词: father, 你可以解释为: "father is my mother's husband.(父亲是我母亲的丈夫)" 或者和有关的单词相联系: man, male, adult, older, etc...<(男人,男性,成年人,老年人等等)

关于A1,A2,B1,B2的标准和英语程度请看链接 (请点击 欧洲共同语言参考标准学)



第二步学习当天的单词, 读回给导师,然后用英语解释或连接已会的单词




weekend mini story

1. First, try to only listen. listen to story 1 and visualize what's happening in the story (Use these text transcripts only when you don’t undertand something You learn the phrases, grammar and vocabulary in a meaningful context.)

2. Read and Listen at the same time, a few times

3. listen to story 2 and answer all the questions.(Saying a correct and exact answer is not important. The most important thing is speed. Try to answer very quickly (remember, one word is fine). Speed is your goal. You want short fast answers, not long answers! In the beginning, this may be difficult. question types see below)

4. tell the story through wechat back to your coach.

1.首先,尽量只听。听故事1和现象所发生的事情或故事的画面 (文本仅在你不会的时候才可以看 利用一个很有意义的内容来让你学习短语,语法和词汇)


3.听故事2 ,并回答所有的问题。 (回答的答案是否确切并不重要,最重要的是速度。尝试很快回答(记住,一个词就可以了) 。速度是你的目标,你要简短快速回答,而不是长而复杂的答案!一开始,这可能是困难的。题型见下文)


How to choose words

Study new words