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A French Person Speaking English

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I won't need to really tell you my, nationality, because after two point five seconds, i’m sure you’ve guessed, i’m French. now the French language is quite interesting language, because it is absolutely flat. as a result, it is very difficult for French people to learn another language. because, other language have tonic accents. but that’s not the only difficulties you have when you, are a French speaker and you, try to learn, in particular English. there is the difficulties of, the sounds that you’ve never learned. and you have to learn like 't-h'. which most French people tend to pronounce 'suh' or 'zuh' depending of the case. hehe, a brilliant example of, uh, what i was saying. and, um, also sounds which we do not have in French. and we_ that we can’t hear. um, and i’m referring here to 'h’s'. um, now French people have this, awful tendency to drop 'h’s'. when I arrived_ well the first year i was in Great Britain, my French accent was a bit like this. which is really bad. um, i had the, the chance to, to make the acquaintance of few linguists. who recorded uh, m- my voice to study my accent. because they thought it was really, uh, interesting. they always reassured me. telling me it’s really cute, the French accent. yeah it’s really nice. um, but i find it really frustrating. uh, so i asked them whether they had methods to... teach me to speak properly English, or with a less of a_ less of a French accent. the hardest, and hear i pronounced my 'h', was 'h’s'. um, because i couldn’t hear 'h’s'. um, so after, after a few month i started, i started to actually recognise the sound. um, and i did what was called overcorrection, putting 'h’s' all over the place. um, and, um, it was, um, it was, it was, uh, sounding a bit like 'hello how h-are hyou?' and, um, it was, uh, very funny for everyone around me. 'cause i would put 'h’s' all over the place. and this resulted in a quite embarrassing situation once. um, a friend of mine had, uh, loaned me some_ a pair of earrings. and they were really beautiful earrings, that were given to, to her by a uncle who was an artist, etcetera, etcetera. so she had, uh, leant them to me and i wore them and i broke one of them. and i was very upset. and my friend’s name is, Iranda. and we had a common friend who’s name, um, was Elani. and Elani was in my room and i was very upset about the whole story. and i said to Elani, 'listen Elani, you know, i have something to tell you.' and she said 'what it is?' and i said 'well Iranda has a hearing problem.' and Elani looked at me and said, 'oh. i, i never noticed a, a_ it’s true. maybe, maybe it’s true. um, maybe sometimes she doesn’t understand when i speak and, or this.' and i wasn’t understanding what Elani was speaking about. i said 'no, no, no. not hearing problem, hearing problem.' and i, i showed the earring. and, um, at that moment Elani understood what i was speaking about and, burst into laughing. at that point Iranda get into the room. um, and, uh, Elani was just laughing and couldn’t stop. so Iranda asked, what the_ what is happening? and Elani says, 'well you know Iranda you have a hearing problem.' and, uh, Iranda was really confused. she said, 'really? uh, i’ve never noticed. do i speak loud or whatever?' and, um, uh, we finally after, after teasing her like this for five minutes, um, decided to tell her what the hearing problem in question was. um, and it_ this stayed, um, between my friends. there is_ several other stories. i mean there’s always a classical story of getting the wrong word, um, and for the wrong situation. um, and for instance, um, one day i wanted to_ some water and i said to a friend, 'yeah i would like some water. otherwise i’m going to get deheedrated.' and the word was dehydrated. but, um, and that always makes people laugh all around me. um, the most embarrassing is that most of the time, you think you, you’re correct. and you don’t understand why people laugh. um, and it, can it can, um, can be really frustrating. um, but most of the time people laugh nicely. they don’t laugh, laugh, um, in a mean way at you. i mean they know that you are trying to do your best speaking a language which is_ which is not your mother tongue. and i have to say that anyway even i don’t speak perfectly English. i really, really enjoy speaking it. um, and i’m_ really enjoy listening to it. and i really enjoy being in England. and... being with English persons and speaking this language.


1)What does the speaker say makes French an unusual language?
A.It has 'th' sounds.
B.It has many silent letters.
C.It uses many different tones.
D.It sounds flat.
2)What happened when the speaker met some linguists in Great Britain?
A.They studied French from her.
B.They taught her English grammar.
C.They told her she was attractive.
D.They recorded her speech.
3)What embarrassing language mistake did the speaker make with her friend Elani?
A.She didn't understand her friend's joke.
B.She called her friend by the wrong name.
C.She didn't pronounce 'h' in the word 'hello'.  
D.She said 'hearing' instead of 'earring'.
4)How does the speaker feel when people laugh at her mistakes?
A.Somewhat frustrated
B.Very angry
C.Rather amused
D.Quite depressed
5)What is the speaker's overall attitude toward speaking English?
A.Although she can speak English, she prefers French.
B.She rarely speaks English because it's embarrassing.
C.Despite the difficulties, she enjoys using English.
D.She hasn't tried hard to perfect her English.



1)D 2)D 3)D 4)A 5)C